Dance and Modelling Awards Upcoming Events

Dance And Modelling Competition will allow the dancers and models to express their creativity, share their growth and empower their dance community. Dance allows us to share our skills, our progress and strengthen 0ur self-confidence.

IFAA Dance and Modelling awards takes place every year in different cities. This is a competition for all dancers and models from any age, from beginner to advanced and professional. We focus on the dancer and model, making the competition experience something every artist appreciates. Our Philosophy that we carry with us to the competitions is to understand that a competition is not always about winning, but about growing and learning. It’s about friendships that would span a lifetime and developing a true
appreciation for the art.

IFAA Dance and Modelling Awards is a competition For: Solo’s, Duet’s, Trio’s, Quartet’s, Groups and Productions. There are different styles, with Straight and Character categories’. This is a great stepping stone for all dancers and models.