SA Championships Upcoming Events

This event is not in competition with any form of art competition, but rather gives showcase to the Art Schools
to send their winners to “go for the Gold” and be the “best of the best”! And in the end to participate  internationally, in International Championships. This international competition is for achievers aspiring to be
great performers.

The International Championships is called the “Best of Best “ for the Art performers. All I.F.A.A. members of the different regions in South Africa send their best students to participate in the Championships, at the end result to be elected for the I.F.A.A. International team, to participate internationally. Since 1997 we are the first in South Africa to participate internationally (in the American Championships) with great success.

Our main focus is offering quality judges who care about the performers and who offer a constructive critique.
We don’t just want to hand out awards, but educate every performer who goes on stage.

IFAA S.A. Championships is a competition for:



Trio’s and