Our Story

International Fine Arts Association South Africa and Namibia

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It all started when Brenda Willemse came to Pretoria in 1987. After working with some of the best choreographers worldwide, a few years later Brenda registered International Fine Arts Association.


Who is Brenda Willemse? She is one of South Africa’s well-known dancers, teachers, choreographers and mentors in the dance and modeling industry.  All because of the great passion she has for dancing and modeling.


A quote from Brenda Willemse “We believe all dancers, models and teachers share the same passion for the art of dancing and modelling: no matter what their skill levels are, there for we encourage our participants to respect one another’s talent.”


This initiative began in 1997 as we were the first South Africans to participate in the American Dance Championships with remarkable success.


We challenge all the studios to participate in International Fine Arts Association Dance Awards, S.A. Championships and Dance and Modelling Grand Prix with this philosophy in mind: We are doing it for the children.!

Over the last years the young competitors have reached abilities never seen in our art community. Today teachers are world-class choreographers with the discipline and knowledge to create true works of art. The philosophy that we take with us to the I.F.A.A.  Championships events is to understand that competition is not always about winning, but about growing and learning. It is about developing friendships that would last a lifetime and about instilling a true appreciation for art.


Determine to be a winner but focus on what we feel inside when the music is playing, and our bodies express the emotions of life….